We're so excited you want to experience India with us!
This is a great place to start and remember, you can always reach out to our Seva Director for additional help.

Step 1:

Create your personalized campaign under our parent campaign on GoFundMe. This is where all your donations will be tallied and, it allows for your donors to receive a tax-exempt receipt upon donation. 

Step 3:

Begin fundraising! We know this can seem daunting at the start but remember, you’re raising money for a cause you believe in – saving women and children from trafficking, exploitation and gender abuse. Use our fundraising guide to get the creative juices flowing!

Step 2:

Once you’ve created your campaign, our Seva Director, Amanda, will be notified by GFM. Next, send her an email to let her know your intentions and she can supply collateral to help you fundraise.

Do you plan on raising 5K and joining the next trip?

Step 4:

Stay connected! If you’ve created an event or had a successful fundraiser, let us know so we can share on social! Also, look out for our Seva Q+As and occasional email check ins from our Seva Director. We’re in this together and together we will make a difference!

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