Become A Fundraiser

Whether you want to fundraise because you believe in the cause or if you feel called to join our next immersion trip, becoming a fundraiser is a great place to start. All donations that go through our giving platform, Network For Good, will automatically receive a tax-exempt receipt. If you want to create your own campaign follow the steps below or click here and click Start Fundraising. If you’d rather give a one-time donation click here and click Donate.

Step 1: CREATE

Create your personalized campaign under our parent campaign on Network For Good. This is where all your donations will be tallied and it allows for your donors to receive a tax-exempt receipt upon donation. 


Next, if you plan to fundraise to join the next Seva Immersion Trip to India, please register to reserve your spot. If you don’t plan to travel with us, you can skip this step.


Begin fundraising! We know this can seem daunting at the start but remember, you’re raising money for a cause you believe in – combating human trafficking, sexual and gender-based violence and intergenerational poverty. 


Stay connected! If you’ve created an event or had a successful fundraiser, let us know so we can share on social! We’re in this together and together we will make a difference!

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